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    A Tradition of Excellence   

    Amphitheater High School is known for its long-standing tradition of excellence in Tucson and the local neighborhood that it serves. Established in 1939, Amphi High consistently prepares some of the most prominent leaders in Tucson, in Arizona and the nation. With a diverse enrollment of 1200 students, Amphi High School is able to provide the resources and advantages of a comprehensive high school, while still meeting the individualized needs of each student. Specialized programs such as Advanced Placement, the Cambridge Academy, AVID cohorts, JTED/CTE courses, and a range of blended learning labs help ensure that every student at Amphi High School is College & Career Ready. Students at Amphi are able to have an individually tailored learning experience in a comprehensive high school setting.

    Unique Classes & Programs

    Students at Amphi are encouraged to pursue a range of experiences, including unique academic courses, fine arts opportunities, and community service. A sample of class offerings at Amphi includes:

    19 Advanced Placement Course Options                                        2-D & 3-D Art

    Environmental Science                                                                Engineering Courses

    Oceanography                                                                            Stunts & Tumbling

    Agriculture / Land Lab                                                                 Mariachi / Guitar

    American Sign Language, French, Spanish Languages Courses       Automotive Tech 

    Photo & Digital Media                                                                  Career Internships

    Cambridge Academy

    Amphi is the only school in Tucson to offer this unique program. The Cambridge Academy is aligned with curriculum & assessments from the University of Cambridge. Students completing and passing the assessments qualify for the Grand Canyon Diploma, which provides the option to graduate after their 10th grade year. Students receiving the Grand Canyon diploma are guaranteed admittance to the community college system.

    Dual Enrollment Courses

    Dual enrollment allows high school students to take college-level courses at a reduced cost at their high school through partnerships between Amphitheater Public Schools and Pima Community College and the University of Arizona. Students earn both high school credit and college credit by passing the class. We offer 12 dual enrollment classes on campus.

    Clubs & Enrichment Offerings

    In addition to school day class options, an extensive offering of more than 60 clubs and enrichment classes are available for students to participate in, including:

    Mountain Biking                                                                        Zumba Workout

    Automobile Repair                                                                     Tennis Club

    Odyssey of the Mind                                                                  International Cooking

    MESA (Engineering)                                                                  Anime Club

    Lego Robotics                                                                          Future Farmers of America (FFA)

    Microsoft IT Training

    Athletics & Facilities

    Amphi enjoys a long history of athletic excellence. Twenty Varsity sports are offered and each sport offers JV & Freshman teams to ensure that every athlete has a chance to participate and compete. Our students perform in modern facilities such as our Performing Arts Center, a wave-less Olympic size swimming pool, a newly built PE complex, a large indoor multi-level gym, tennis courts, 3 full-size soccer fields, and complete softball & baseball complexes.

    School Rating : B

    Highly Rated Teaching Staff

    Comprehensive High School

    Diverse Student Population

    Unique Academic Programs

    Award Winning Fine Arts

    Legendary Athletic Programs

    Community Focused

    A Tradition of Excellence


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