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    Advanced Placement courses follow a nationally recognized curriculum developed by College Board. This curriculum is designed to be at the college level. The amount of material covered within a year typically forces much of the classroom instruction to be lecture style.

    These classes offer tremendous rewards including the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school. However, before requesting to be enrolled in an AP we ask that students complete a honest self-assessment to determine if the added coursework is right for them. In addition to the lecture style classroom environment, AP classes might require more out of school work or additional study time to be successful in the class. Be prepared to commit extra nightly study time! If you are unsure if you'd like to pursue an AP class, please schedule a time to meet with your counselor for help in choosing classes. 

    In May, a comprehensive test is offered in each subject where students, if they score well, may earn college credit. College credit is determined by each college or university and varies in the type and amount of credit. Students should check the colleges and universities of their choice for information as to whether credit is given and if so, on the amount of credit before enrolling under that sole purpose. Recent research indicates that students with high PSAT, ACT, and SAT scores will do well on Advanced Placement exams. The research also indicates that these higher scores are better predictors of AP exam success than a student's GPA.

    AP Courses at Amphi High School