• Welcome to the Student & Family page.  The advocate will help students and their families remove barriers to attain the successful completion of the student’s education.


    YOTO was founded at Amphitheater High School in 1986 through the faculty taking up collections to help assist students with living expenses. Since that time the program has vastly expanded to other school districts throughout Pima County. Amphitheater remains involved with a student liaison currently located in the social work office in the administration building.


    Students currently residing in any setting other than with their biological parent(s) are able to request an application at any point throughout the school year. A new application is required at the start of the school year for all returning students. The reason for applying does not matter as long as it is through no fault of the student for being on their own, e.g. choosing to leave because you don't like living with your parents. Once a completed application is submitted, YOTO will usually make a decision within a week regarding eligibility. 


     When a student is accepted in the program they are required to complete a brief orientation informing them of the full array of benefits offered through YOTO including monthly financial assistance, basic human needs, and personal guidance. It becomes the responsibility of the student to have teachers document that they are receiving a grade of c or better each month while also complying with school attendance policies to receive the full stipend amount.  Any student is welcome to inquire about potential participation with YOTO. 

    If you or someone you know can benefit from the services YOTO provides, OR for information on how to help, visit the website at http://yoto.org/ or contact Ms. Monica Duran at 520-696-5348, Email: mduran@amphi.com