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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's degree in Spanish at the Western Catholic University of Angers, France with a minor in French as a Second Language at the University of Upper Brittany, Rennes, France, and a Master's degree in French Literature at the University of Arizona.

Ms. Clara Estey


Je suis Madame Estey et je suis la prof de Français à Amphitheater High School.

This is my 12th year at Amphi as a teacher and my 18th year teaching altogether. I received my Bachelor's degree in Spanish at the Western Catholic University of Angers, France with a minor in French as a Second Language at the University of Upper Brittany, Rennes, France; and a Master's degree in French Literature at the University of Arizona. 

Life experience

I was a figure and acrobatic skater and a coach during junior and high school, a flight attendant, a translator; I  worked in collaboration with an emerging French movie director and wrote subtitles for a couple of his short movies. I also worked on classic French poetry translations for the Museum of the University of Arizona. Between 1987 and 1991, I volunteered for the Red Cross and was a  paramedic trainee with the French 911 (Le SAMU). I was a volunteer at a hospice in Tucson where I visited patients from 2008 to 2017.

My dedication to Amphi

I joined Amphitheater because it is a very interesting and diverse community. Students are friendly and are involved in many activities. The teachers at Amphi are very supportive, friendly and extremely dedicated to their students' success.
The highlight of my Education experience is traveling and the cultural diversity.

Educational beliefs

Performance assessments, 100% participation and attention in class, life skills and ethics.

Work experience

-As a student, I examined mock Baccalauréat candidates in Saumur for the Spanish oral presentation, France 1994-1995
-French Language tutor in France 1996
-Exchange student teacher at Nogales High School 1996-1997
-Translator, liaison, and substitute teacher - Amphitheater District 1998-2001 
-Taught at Salpointe Catholic High School 2002-2006
-Taught at Nogales High School 2006-2007
-Teaches at AHS 2007-present 

-Taught French 302, 301, 310 for the "Arizona in Paris" Program (University of Arizona), Paris, France 2012 and 2013
-AP Exam Reader, Cincinnati, June 2016, June 2017.


Travels around the world, reading, animals, French cinema and hte History of cinema in general, History, biking. I go to France once, sometimes twice a year when I can, to be with my friends and family.

Again, welcome to my French Class!

You must believe in your ambitions, your talents and your dreams.