• Defining Moment in Education

    During my senior year in high school, I was a student aide for my favorite biology teacher and coach - Mr. Conatser. I loved this class because it was a break from my advanced classes and allowed me to do some mindless and less strenuous work during the day. One day the mindless work stopped, and my teacher challenged me to sit down and write out my college plans. I had always talked about attending college but he was the first person who made me put my goals and dreams down on paper. Mr. Conatser's challenge propelled me into applying for college (which I had not yet done), taking visits to campuses (the first campuses I had ever visited), and pursuing financial aid and scholarships (which fully funded my college career). My duties as a student aide in his class quickly transitioned from daily clean-up tasks to full-time college and career planning that I reported to him daily. The simple challenge that Mr. Conatser gave to me and he accountability that the provided throughout the year kept me focused on my "next step" and ensured that I actually got into college.

    Core Educational Beliefs

    There are 3 core beliefs that I use to guide my work as an educator. The first is that all students can grow and will succeed, regardless of their background or starting point. The second is that all students are unique and require individual attention in meeting their goals. My third belief is that we can always find a way to overcome a challenge, there is always a solution.

     Prior Experience

    I was fortunate to begin my career as an educator at Amphitheater High School as a Biology and Earth Science teacher. After 5 Years of teaching at Amphi High School, I worked as an assistant principal at Wilson K-8 and Coronado K-8, before becoming the principal at Walker Elementary School. In 2011, I was honored to become the principal at Amphitheater High School and come back to the school where I had started my career as an educator.

     Degrees & Certifications

    Principal Certification, Northern Arizona University, Spring 2004

    Master of education in Educational Leadership, Northern Arizona University, Fall 2002

    Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Earth Science, University of Arizona, Fall 1998

Jon Lansa