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  • Ryan Thornburg

    Name: Ryan Thornburg

    Sport: Boys Tennis

    Title: Head Coach Boys Tennis 


    Favorite Quote:

    "The older I get, the better I used to be".-John McEnroe                                      

    "All I cared about in tennis was winning"-Peter Sampras


  • Background:

    I've played tennis since I was a kid. I made varsity all four years of high school and was the number 1 player and team captain 3 of those years. I was recruited by a few sub D-1 schools but, I passed up offers to try my hand at the professional level. 



    I was a semi-professional tennis player when I left high school, and competed in a few tournaments but quickly found out I was out of my league.

  • What I Love about Coaching... Playing tennis. I just really enjoy being outside playing tennis. I'm happy to pass that on to new players and seeing others take joy in a sport that I've loved for a long time.