• Library Rules

    In the library: Students are expected to observe the generally accepted regulations regarding library usage, including:

    • No food or opened drink containers in the library.
    • Library computers are for exploring the library catalog to locate books and to read eBooks only.
    • Up to two books (grades 1-5) or one book (Kindergarten) from the regular collection may be checked out for one week at a time.
    • Items may be renewed if there is no reserve for the book; please bring your book to the library to be rescanned.
    • Renewals- it is possible to renew any checked out item up to three times provided no one else has requested that item.
    • Students may reserve books that are checked out, see Mrs. Lee at checkout time.
    • Please do not re-shelve books.  Place them on the re-shelving cart or hand them to Mrs. Lee.
    • Reference Books and Student and Class Contribution publications may not be checked out.
    • Students who remove library materials without checking them out properly will be considered as stealing them and dealt with by school administrative staff.

    Overdues and Fines

    • Students are expected to return books on time.  You may not check out a book if you have an overdue item. There is no fine levied for late/overdue books, however, Lost or damaged books are the cost of the book.
    • Books are to be returned in the same condition in which they were checked out.

    Part of the Kind Kids pledge states " I pledge to be; respectful, responsible and proud...".  In our library we encourage students to practice responsibility by taking care of the books they check out, and returning them on time for others to be able to borrow.  In doing this they can also show respect to others and be proud that they are doing what is right. 

    Teachers: You may keep materials for as long as needed unless requested by another staff member.  You must check out with the library and have all materials returned at the end of the year unless previous arrangements have been made.