• Book Character Parade 2016
    Love of Reading Week is always topped off by one of our favorite days...
    Book Character Day!
    On Book Character Day, students and staff dress up as their favorite characters from books they love.  We bring the book that our character is in, and we have a parade around campus.  It's a blast!  There is so much creativity and obvious love of reading!

    Beekle 2016
    Some 2015-16 2nd graders representing their favorite books!

    Cat in the Hat 2016
    The Cat in the Hat is always a favorite!

    Gina Graham 2008
    Mrs. Graham loves Book Character Day!  She chose to be a character from the Magic Treehouse books.

    Merry and friends 2008
    Captain Underpants, Harry Potter, and friends are looking good!

    BOok Character Parade 2016
    2015-16 5th Graders having a great time!

    If you haven't read Beekle, you're missing out!

    Rene Pierce 2008
    Mrs. Pierce on the look-out for Waldo.

    Book Character Parade 2016
    Books about princesses are pretty popular!

    Powers Character Day 2016
    Mrs. Powers and her 2015-16 kindergartners LOVED book character day!

    Character Day 2012
    Here are some 2012 teachers enjoying the fun!

    Miss Swamp costume
    Miss Viola Swamp often comes in to substitute teach on Book Character Day.  You have to be on your best behavior for her! 

    Powers 2015
    These poor kindergartners really missed their teacher the day Miss Swamp came!

    Some Walker kids made a video of the 2013 Book Character Parade!