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    Walkers Winners

    No, not every Lulu Walker teacher and student participated in the 2016 Science Fair
    - just the ones in this photo!

    These are the kids who not only love science, they also took the time to do a science fair project. 
    The result?  Well, Lulu Walker is the TOP ELEMENTARY SCIENCE SCHOOL

    By the way, we're the top Science School two years in a row!

    Science Fair SARSEF certificate  

     Science Trophies  
    Turns out you get really big trophies when you're the top science schoool in Southern Arizona!

     Science Project Class Photo 2016
    Mrs. Powers' kindergarten class did one of the winning projects!  The kids wanted to know what would melt fastest in the sun - marshmallows, candles, chocolate, crayons, and a bunch of other things.  If you want to try this project at home, they suggest you use a muffin tray!

    Science Fair 2014
    Tons of wonderful projects!

    Science Fair 2014
    Purple "Go to SARSEF" winners!

    Science Fair 2014
    Fantastic projects!

    2016 Science Fair
    2016 Science Fair

    We LOVE science!

    You can use the websites below to help you get started on your science fair project.


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    Science Fair Adventures

    Science Buddies