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    Welcome to the Walker Student Council Page

    Student Council

    The mission of the Lulu Walker Student Council is to foster essential leadership skills,  promote school spirit,  and provide meaningful service to our school and community. Student Council representatives and officers are expected to be role models in the classroom, throughout our school, and at all school functions. Members will  perform duties that include: plan and attend school functions, participate in community service projects, promote school spirit, and participate in fund raising activities.

     Student Council Meetings will take place the first and third Thursday of each month from 2:30-4:00 in Room 41.

    Our Walker Student Council is comprised of third, fourth and fifth grade students who are chosen by their homeroom peers and teachers. Two representatives will be selected from each classroom. There will be a school-wide election to select the student council officers.

    Student Council Positions and Roles


    • Lead all meetings
    • Give assistance, guidance, and praise
    • Act as a facilitator during discussion
    • Maintain frequent contact with faculty and administration
    • Work with advisor on all planning
    • Participate in student council sponsored activities/events

    Vice President:

    • Work closely with President
    • Assume President’s duties when needed
    • Work with President and Treasurer in preparing calendar and budget
    • Assist the President in preparing meeting agendas


    •  Keep an account of minutes at every meeting
    • Keep an accurate account of attendance at every meeting
    • Help maintain student council files
    • Maintain contact information for people who work with the council
    • Responsible for “Thank You’ cards


    • Oversee council expenses and revenues
    • Maintain an accurate and detailed financial record
    • Give monetary advice to the council 
    • Authorize payment/deposits 
    • Work with President and Vice President in preparing calendar and budget              

    Classroom Representatives:                                      

    • Attends all Student Council meetings 
    • Brings the ideas, interests, and concerns of his/her classmates to the meetings. 
    • Reports back to the homeroom class what was decided at a meeting. 
    • Serves on committees. 
    • Encourages other students to get involved in Student Council activities. 
    • Provides volunteer service during select school events

    Meetings and Important Dates:



  • For more information please contact Mrs. Berry-Kelley at 696-6548 or mkelley@amphi.com