• New Titles for the Library!

    As part of our continual efforts to show transparency and compliance here in Amphitheater Public Schools, book titles being considered for purchase and that are added to our library catalog will be posted here periodically (as funds become available) for a period of at least seven days prior to purchase and sixty days after purchase. Limited stock on hand means that some of the titles that I am trying to purchase may not be added at this time. 

    I am always excited about being able to provide our students with books that they are constantly requesting to check out and to replace cherished titles that have been "well loved" to pieces, lol. This doesn't happen too often, however, so check back once in a while to see if new books have made their way to our library shelves!

    Thank you in advance for your support of literacy and love of reading.

    Just fyi, all titles in our district's school libraries can be viewed at the following link.



    Mrs. Lee

    "Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."-Fredrick Douglass

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