• Nationwide, Career Technical Education (CTE) programs are changing, evolving and innovating to better serve the country’s needs. CTE is preparing students of all ages to help drive America’s success and vitality. Further, it is creating an educational environment that integrates core academics with real-world relevance. CTE is leading this change, transforming expectations and making a difference for students, for secondary and postsecondary schools, for businesses and industry—for America.

    CTE Courses offered at CDO:

    • Early Childhood Education
    • Architectural Drafting
    • Business Managements and Administrative Services
    • Culinary Arts
    • Technical Theater
    • Digital Photography
    • Culinary Arts
    • Automotive Technologies
    • Sports Medicine
    • Web Page Development
    • Advanced Construction Tech
    • Software Development
    • Bioscience

    CTE is critical to ensuring that the United States leads in global competitiveness.
    CTE actively partners with employers to design and provide high-quality, dynamic programs.
    CTE prepares students to succeed in further education and careers.
    CTE is delivered through comprehensive programs of study aligned to The National Career Clusters Framework.
    CTE is a results-driven system that demonstrates a positive return on investment.

    For more information please contact:
    Amanda Magelli, Assistant Principal in charge of CTE - amagelli@amphi.com or (520)696-5561
    Jeremy Tarbet, CTE Department Chair - jtarbet@amphi.com or (520)696-5669