• RETURNING CDO STUDENTS AND STUDENTS WHO LIVE WITHIN CDO BOUNDARIES, click the link to complete your course selection preferences. You are only able to submit the form once. The deadline to complete your selections is February 21st. View descriptions of each class via the Amphi Course Catalog. APPROVED OPEN ENROLLED STUDENTS, DO NOT COMPLETE THESE FORMS! Email our Registrar, Brenda Garcia - bgarcia@amphi.com, to receive your course selection forms.

    Class of 2025 - current 11th graders

    Class of 2026 - current 10th graders

    Class of 2027 - current 9th graders

    Class of 2028 - current 8th graders (if you do not have a student number, enter 00000000)

    After submitting the form, you are committed to your class preferences for the 2024-2025 school year. You can only make changes by emailing or scheduling an appointment with your counselor (Counseling Website) until February 29th.