• Wellness Resources

    Social, Emotional & Mental Health Resources
    Wellness is a term that encapsulates many dimensions: physical health, emotional health, occupational health, etc. Our hope is to give students and parents resources to manage or even improve their overall well-being.

    Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
    SEL is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

    Research shows that SEL can have a positive impact on school climate and promote a host of academic, social, and emotional benefits for students. Research of SEL in schools indicates that students receiving quality SEL instruction demonstrated...

    • Better academic performance: achievement scores an average of 11 percentile points higher than students who did not receive SEL instruction
    • Improved attitudes and behaviors: greater motivation to learn, deeper commitment to school, increased time devoted to schoolwork, and better classroom behavior;
    • Fewer negative behaviors: decreased disruptive class behavior, noncompliance, aggression, delinquent acts, and disciplinary referrals; and
    • Reduced emotional distress: fewer reports of student depression, anxiety, stress, and social withdrawal. 

    Amphi District SEL Resources

    Pima Helpline - You Are Not Alone

    Pima Helpline is a community-driven and community-made resource. We realize that everybody needs support for mental health, substance use, or addiction at some point in their life. We also know that looking for treatment can be confusing and scary.

    We believe that it should be easy for Pima County residents to find help for mental health, substance use, and addiction. To achieve this, we created Pima Helpline as a centralized place to find mental health and addiction treatment, services, and support.


    Suicide Prevention

    Suicide is preventable and everyone has a role to play to save lives and create healthy and strong individuals, families, and communities. Suicide prevention requires a comprehensive public health approach. CDC developed the Suicide Prevention Resource for Action, which provides information on the best available evidence for suicide prevention. States and communities can use the Prevention Resource to help make decisions about suicide prevention activities. Strategies range from those designed to support people at increased risk to a focus on the whole population, regardless of risk. 

    Strengthen economic supports icon

    Strengthen economic supports

    • Strengthen household financial security
    • Stabilize housing

    Create protective environments icon

    Create protective environments

    • Reduce access to lethal means among persons at risk of suicide
    • Create healthy organizational policies and culture
    • Reduce substance use through community-based policies and practices

    Improve access and delivery of suicide care icon

    Improve access and delivery of suicide care

    • Cover mental health conditions in health insurance policies
    • Increase provider availability in underserved areas
    • Provide rapid and remote access to help
    • Create safer suicide care through systems change

    Promote healthy connections icon

    Promote healthy connections

    • Promote healthy peer norms
    • Engage community members in shared activities

    Teach coping and problem-solving skills icon

    Teach coping and problem-solving skills

    • Support social-emotional learning programs
    • Teach parenting skills to improve family relationships
    • Support resilience through education programs

    Identify and support people at risk icon

    Identify and support people at risk

    • Train gatekeepers
    • Respond to crises
    • Plan for safety and follow-up after an attempt
    • Provide therapeutic approaches

    Lessen harms and prevent future risk icon

    Lessen harms and prevent future risk

    • Intervene after a suicide (postvention)
    • Report and message about suicide safely


    988 Suicide Lifeline