22 And You're Through Worksheet

    Graduation Requirements

    Students must earn the total number of credits and pass the American Civics Test, take CPR and fulfill the ECAP. Below are specific requirements; the balance of credits are to be selected from elective courses for a minimum of 22 credits. Figure out which classes you still need to take to graduate by downloading the worksheet here - 22 & You're Through

    Students are encouraged to take six classes each year to be best prepared for college and career options.

    English - 4.0 Credits
    Math - 4.0 Credits (Sequence begins with Algebra 1)
    Science - 3.0 Credits
    Social Studies - 3.0 Credits (World History, US/AZ History, Government/Economics)
    PE - 1.0 Credit*
    Career & Technical Education or Fine Art - 1.0 Credit (Fine Art is required for most out-of-state university admissions)**
    Electives - 6.0 Credits (two of the same Foreign Language electives are university admission requirements)
    *Two (2) semesters of Marching Band or JROTC constitutes 0.5 credit physical education.
    **To fulfill this requirement, 1.0 credit must be earned in either CTE or Fine Arts.


    See Requirements for our In-State Universities below:



    High School Course Sequence Example

    9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
    English 9 Honors Reach English 10 English 11 English 12
    Algebra I Geometry Algebra II Pre-Calculus
    Honors Biology Physics Chemistry Anatomy/Physiology
    World History Sports Medicine I AP US History American Government/Economics
    Weight Lifting (PE) Intro to Drama Software and App Design I     Auto Tech I
    German I German II Honors German III     AP German