• Starting a Parent Support Organization

    Starting a PSO is a fairly simple process and can be done with even a few willing individuals. Here are the 5 quick steps to starting a PSO. There are links to sample documents for assistance.

    1. Organize

    If this is a extracurricular activity, speak with the staff member or coach involved and talk about having a PSO. Invite all the families involved with the activity to the meeting and explain why there is a need for the PSO. If this is a Parent Teacher Organization, meet with the principal and discuss the need for a PSO. Invite all the families in the school to attend the meeting. 

    2. Elect Officers

    PSOs usually have four officers:President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer but can have more if stated in their bylaws. Take nominees for the positions ahead of time by email and also take nominations from the floor at the meeting. Vote for the officers at the meeting. 

    3. Administrative 

    At the meeting, discuss and write down the goals and objectives of the group. Also determine a beginning budget with the understanding that the budget may change based on fundraising efforts. You can always vote on changes to the budget at later meetings. Finally, approve the bylaws of the organization. These are the rules of how your organization will operate. A sample is linked here that you can update to fit your purpose.

    4. Money

    All PSOs must have a bank account under the group's Employer Identification Number (EIN). This number is free through the IRS and can be applied for online here. Once you have this number and the bylaws, you can go to the bank of your choice to open a bank account for the organization. You must have 2 signatures per check. Booster clubs must use the school address as the location. The treasurer will maintain financial reports and ensure bank statements are submitted to the school (varies by school if the school makes copies first or you submit copies of the bank statements). 

    5. Apply

    Apply to be a recognized PSO with the Amphi District. By being a recognized PSO, it allows you to have liability coverage through the district at your on campus events. It also allows you to use the facilities without paying a rental fee. The PSO Annual Form should be filled out as soon as your organize your group. 

    If you need help or have questions, please contact Beth Lake at blake@amphi.com or 696-5211

    Parent Support Group Handbooks

    If you are looking for more in depth information or how to start a 501(C)(3), please refer to the handbook below. This handbook covers starting and operating PSO, fundraising, donations, and many other topics that may come up with your organization. The Treasurer's Handbook covers various monetary policies in the District as well as best practices for money handling. This is a great reference guide for any treasurer. 

    Parent Support Organization Handbook

    Treasurer's Handbook