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    Scholarships and placements are available 

    for the 2023-2024 school year!

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     Brande Golden 

                                       CDO Preschool Site Director                                       


    We are a Quality First Provider

    4 star 


    Early Childhood Center

    Our Goals:

    Our program offers your child a nurturing and caring environment. We aim to inspire their natural curiosity and foster physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. Through play, children this age learn to express themselves in many ways. Play gives them opportunities to think critically, solve problems creatively, and interact positively with others. We believe children in preschool should have a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities. The program's balance between teacher-structured and student-choice activities is comfortable and realistic for the young child.


    Your Child Will:

    • Develop a positive sense of self-worth
    • Practice problem-solving skills
    • Learn independence
    • Grow in language skills, both listening and speaking
    • Develop large and small motor coordination
    • Pursue curiosities about the world
    • Practice positive social skills
    • Become aware of ones own rights as well as the rights of others
    • Self-expression

    Early Childhood Standards

    • Social/Emotional
    • Language and Literacy
    • Fine Arts
    • Physical Development, Health, and Safety
    • Social Studies
    • Science
    • Mathematics

    What is a Laboratory Preschool?

    The high school students enrolled in the Early Childhood courses at CDO are able to interact with the preschool students, with adult supervision. This includes writing lesson plans, playground time, and buddy activities. Not only does this round out the education of high school students, but the preschoolers are able to see them as role models. High school students are held to a high standard of conduct in order to interact with the preschool students.

    The preschool is staffed by two highly qualified Early Childhood teachers. Mrs. Larkin and Mrs. Garcia both have years of experience teaching young children in the Amphitheater School District.  The preschool is also staffed with an assistant in each room with experience caring for young children. Miss Brande teaches the high school courses and is the director of the preschool program.




     Requirements for admission to preschool

    • 2-5 years old
    • Completely potty trained
    • Current immunizations
    • Open to all families in the community

    The preschool runs on the Amphitheater school district calendar.