• Early Childhood Center


    Our program offers your child a nurturing and caring environment, that inspires natural curiosity and fosters physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. Children learn to express themselves in many ways through "Play": To think critically, solve problems creatively, and to interact positively with others. We believe children in preschool should have a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities. The program's balance between teacher-structured and student-choice activities is comfortable and realistic for the young child.

    To Develop

    • A positive sense of self-worth
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Independence
    • Language skills, both listening and speaking
    • Large and small motor coordination
    • Intellectual curiosity about the world
    • Positive social skills
    • Respect for ones own rights as well as the rights of others
    • Self expression

    Early Childhood Standards

    • Social/Emotional
    • Language and Literacy
    • Fine Arts
    • Physical Development, Health, and Safety
    • Social Studies
    • Science
    • Mathematics

    The Early Childhood Center is a laboratory preschool for the Early Childhood program at CDO. The preschool teacher is Arizona certified in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education.



     Requirements for admission

    • 2-5 years old
    • Completely potty trained
    • Open to all families in the community.

    The preschool is open on all Amphitheater teacher reporting days from 7am- 5pm; we follow the school calendar.