• See the link to the left for handouts that are focused more on specific issues that might be impacting academic progress.

    Academic Support Services

    After School Tutoring is up and running:
    Tuesday: English, R608; Math, R606; Chemistry, M222
    Wednesday: English, T25; Math, R601
    Thursday: English, R608; Math, G712

    Saturday School for Math & English Tutoring/Computer Lab in G704, 8:30 a.m.until 12:30

    The Gold Program is an online program that takes place on the CDO campus - you must be referred by your counselor

    Intervention Lab is a program that allows students to reover math and English credit. Students work online to earn credits through Edgenuity and certified English and math teachers are in the classroom to assist students. Students should meet with their counselor if interested.

    Amphi Academy Online offers online courses for students. Please make an appointment with your counselor if you are interested in a referral.

    Check out The Great Enigma - a resource for gifted students and their parents (Other REACH services include gifted workshops and many advanced placement and honors courses.)


    Check out this handout on Study Habits - it includes great online resources!

    Click on this link to find out about the Cornell method of taking notes!