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    Book Checkout Procedures:

    1. Must have your CDO school ID. 
    2. Account must be clear - no overdues or fines.
    3. We will hold any book for one week.
    4. May have as many as five (5) books checked out at any one time.
    5. If we don't have the book you are looking for, you may fill out a book request - Click here  to request a book be added to the library collection. Requests will be reviewed by library staff and posted below prior to purchase.

    The library is open to all students before school, during tutorial and at lunches. 

    During class time, you must have your CDO school ID to check in for a free period or have a pass from your teacher allowing you to be in the library. 

    Teachers may send no more than six (6) students on a pass to the library at any one time.

    Periodicals and newspapers are now available online.  Use the Left Navigation Menu "Databases" to access this resource.


    Books to be ordered:

    Posted 2/1/2023:

    • Gone Girl by Gilian Flynn
    • Channel Kindness: Stories of Kindness and Community by Born This Way Foundation Reporters, Lady Gaga
    • Me: Elton John Official Biography
    • Billie Eilish by Billie Eilish
    • The Climate Book: The Facts and the Solutions by Greta Thunberg
    • The Stolen Heir by Holly Black
    • Wicked King by Holly Black
    • Queen of Nothing by Holly Black
    • Star Wars The Prequel Trilogy
    • Missing Dead Girls by Sara Walters
    • Five Survive by Holly Jackson
    • Kill Joy by Holly Jackson
    • This Delicious Death by K. Cottingham

    Posted 1/17/2023:

    • Please Love Me at My Worst by Michaela Angemeer
    • Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury
    • Ahmed, Samira -- Hollow fires
    • Albee, Sarah -- Troublemakers in trousers: women and what they wore to get things done

    Posted 2/7/2023:

    • Alexander, Kwame -- The door of no return
    • Arnold, Marie-- I Rise
    • Bascomb, Neal -- The race of the century: the battle to break the four-minute mile
    • Benway, Robin -- A year to the day
    • Binns, Barbara -- Unlawful orders: a portrait of Dr. James B. Williams, Tuskegee airman, surgeon and activist
    • Bishop, Jeff -- A heavy dose of Allison Tandy
    • Blum, Isaac -- The life and crimes of Hoodie Rosen
    • Caletti, Deb -- The epic story of every living thing
    • Carvalho, Rebecca -- Salt and sugar
    • Charaipotra, Sona -- How Maya got fierce
    • Chee, Traci -- A thousand steps into night
    • DasGupta, Sayantani -- Debating Darcy
    • Dhillon, Navdeep Singh -- Sunny G's series of rash decisions
    • Diederich, Phillippe -- Diamond Park
    • Dyson, Michael Eric -- Unequal: a story of America
    • Farrell, Mary Cronk -- Close up on war
    • Ferguson, Jenny -- The summer of bitter and sweet
    • Fleming, Candace -- Crash from outer space: unraveling the mystery of flying
    • saucers, alien beings, and Roswell
    • Fleming, Candace -- Murder among friends: how Leopold and Loeb tried to commit the perfect crime
    • Forest, Kristina -- Zyla and Kai
    • Gao, Laura -- Messy roots: a graphic memoir of a Wuhanese American
    • Giles, Lamar -- The getaway
    • Goldstone, Lawrence -- Days of infamy: how a century of bigotry led to Japanese American Internment
    • Greenfield, Amy Butler -- The woman all spies fear: code breaker Elizebeth Smith Friedman and her hidden life
    • Hammonds, Jas -- We deserve monuments
    • Hand, Cynthia -- My imaginary Mary
    • Hand, Cynthia-- My Contrary Mary
    • Hayden, Chaz -- The first thing about you
    • Henry, April -- Two truths and a lie
    • Hinton, Anthony Ray -- The sun does shine: an innocent man, a wrongful conviction, and a long path to justice
    • Ho, Joanna -- The silence that binds us
    • Hoose, Phillip M -- Duet: our journey in song with the northern mockingbird
    • Ireland, Justina -- Rust in the root
    • Jackson, Tiffany D -- The weight of blood
    • Jarrow, Gail -- American murderer: the parasite that haunted the South
    • Joseph, Frederick -- Better than we found it: conversations to help save the world
    • Katouh, Zoulfa -- As long as the lemon trees grow
    • Khorram, Adib -- Kiss & tell
    • Kilcoyne, Elizabeth -- Wake the bones
    • Latham, Irene -- African Town
    • Lee, Kristen R -- Required reading for the disenfranchised freshman
    • Lee, Lyla -- Flip the script—
    • Maldonado, Crystal -- No filter and other lies
    • Maraniss, Andrew -- Inaugural ballers: the true story of the first US women's Olympic basketball team
    • Martin, Erica -- And we rise: the Civil Rights Movement in poems
    • McManus, Karen M -- Nothing more to tell
    • McQuiston, Casey -- I kissed Shara Wheeler: a novel
    • Ogle, Rex -- Abuela, don't forget me
    • Pan, Emily X. R -- An arrow to the moon
    • Partridge, Elizabeth -- Seen and unseen: what Dorothea Lange, Toyo
    • Miyatake, and Ansel Adams's photographs reveal about the Japanese American Incarceration
    • Picoult, Jodi -- Mad honey: a novel
    • Redgate, Riley -- Alone out here
    • Reyes, Sonora -- The lesbiana's guide to Catholic school
    • Reynolds, Jason -- Ain't burned all the bright
    • Rogers, Andrea L -- Man made monsters
    • Schrefer, Eliot -- Queer ducks
    • Schwab, Victoria – Gallant
    • Sepetys, Ruta -- I must betray you
    • Smith, Tommie -- Victory. Stand!: raising my fist for justice
    • Solomon, Rachel Lynn -- See you yesterday
    • Stewart, Erin -- The words we keep
    • Stiefvater, Maggie – Bravely
    • Stone, Tanya Lee -- Peace is a chain reaction: how World War II Japanese balloon bombs brought people of two nations together
    • Sutanto, Jesse Q -- Well, that was unexpected
    • Tamaki, Mariko -- Anne of Greenville
    • Tamaki, Mariko – Cold
    • Taylor, Emily J -- Hotel Magnifique
    • Thomas, R. Eric -- Kings of B'more
    • Turner, Pamela S -- How to build a human: in seven evolutionary steps
    • Urban, Linda -- Talk Santa to me
    • Valentine, Danielle -- How to survive your murder
    • Van Draanen, Wendelin -- The peach rebellion—
    • Walker, Sally M -- Underground fire: hope, sacrifice, and courage in the cherry mine disaster
    • Welch, Jenna Evans -- Spells for lost things
    • West, Kasie -- Places we've never been
    • White, Andrew Joseph -- Hell followed with us
    • Wilkerson, Isabel -- Caste: the origins of our discontents: adapted for young
    • Williams, Yohuru R -- Call him Jack: the story of Jackie Robinson, Black freedom fighter
    • Wilson, Jennifer -- Someday we'll find it
    • Wilson, Kip -- The most dazzling girl in Berlin
    • Winters, Julian -- Right where I left you
    • Woodfolk, Ashley -- Nothing burns as bright as you
    • Yang, Kelly -- Private label
    • Yasmin, Seema -- What the fact?
    • Yen, Jennifer -- Love, decoded
    • Zoboi, Ibi Aanu -- Star child: a biographical constellation of Octavia Estelle Butler