• College entrance exams (SAT and ACT) are used by universities to assess your readiness for college-level curriculum. Some universities require a  score within a specific range, and some do not. We recommend that students take both the SAT and ACT to determine which exam is the best indicator of their knowledge and ability.

    • The SAT exam is usually taken for the first time in your junior year - Spring or Winter. The SAT will require you to think critically and assesses your aptitude for reading, writing and mathematics. Click on the link and register through College Board; the SAT is held at CDO.
    • The ACT exam is usually taken for the first time in your junior year - Spring or Winter. The ACT assesses your knowledge of the content you have taken in high school - English, mathematics, reading and science. This is funded by Amphitheater School District for ALL JUNIORS. 
    • The PSAT is the practice exam for the SAT.  Some students take it twice - fall of sophomore year and again in the fall of junior year; junior year scores are used to determine who is a semi-finalist for the National Merit Scholarships. 

    Exam Tips: Online resources are available to help you practice for college exams. Check the exam sites, or other sites, like Khan Academy, that offer such practice at no cost.