• Amphitheater Public School District is committed to keeping the Fine Arts in our schools. We are very fortunate that our community agrees and supports funding for Fine Arts. 

    Many studies have shown the social and academic benefits to arts in schools.  Critical Links studies point to strong evidence that arts education helps students develop cognitive and social capacities that are important to success in school, life, and work (Deasy, 2002).

    We believe students must have many different opportunities to build on those skills. We are especially prod of our Fine Arts Program. 

    Art and Music are offered at all levels, from kindergarten through high school. Students may choose Band, Show Choir, Drama, Orchestra, AP Music Theory, 3D Art, Filmmaking and much more.  Our students consistently place at the top of regional, state and national fine arts competitions. 

    At Walker, our Arts Program is a very big deal! 
    We have a huge, fantastic Band, Orchestra, and Choir.
    For more information about Band, Orchestra, and Choir, please check out this link:

    We have all sorts of grade level performances - only a few of them are pictured below.
    We have Artists' Studio for students who want even more than they learn in our fantastic Art Class!
    We have OM, the annual Talent Show, and a huge variety of other opportunities for our talented students.

    Band Rehearsal Oct 2015
    Walker Band Rehearsal with 55 students!

    Choir 2015
    Walker Choir in 2015!

    Band and Choir Oct 2014
    Walker Choir and Band concert in 2014.

     Musical Performances

    1st Grade Grinch
    The Walker 1st Grade Grinch performance is a yearly tradition - and an awesome show!

    2nd Grade Ugly Duckling
    These Walker 2nd Graders did a terrific performance of the Ugly Duckling.

    3rd Grade Patriotic Performance
    The Walker 3rd Grade Patriotic Performance was wonderful!

    4th Grade Rock and Roll Show
    Walker's 4th Grade Rock and Roll Show sure woke us up!

     5th Grade Musical 2016
    The Walker 5th Graders did their Theseus and Minotaur Musical outside as a traditional Greek Theater. 
    It was amazing!

     Below is a compilation video made in 2013 of just some of our musical performances that year.