• AVID Elective Grading Scheme

    AVID Elective student grades are based on five components: Tutorials (TRFs), In-Class Assignments, Binder Checks, Community Engagement, and Field Trip/Guest Speaker Participation. The AVID Elective classes adhere to the following grading scheme:

    Tutorials (TRFs) - 35%

    In-Class Assignments - 30%

    Binder Checks - 20%

    Community Engagement - 10%

    Field Trips/Guest Speakers - 5%



    All AVID Elective students are required to use and maintain a 2-3" binder, divided by sections into each of their classes. Part of this binder includes the use of a calendar, planner, or agenda to keep track of daily and long-term assignments, as well as important school dates.

    Click here for the AVID Binder Grade Checklist.