• Reading Street is a district reading program that coinsides with the Common Core Standards

    • Students build a common knowledge  base across all subjects which enables a coherence of the curriculum.
    • Students aquire an oral vocabulary that expands through the curriculum, including science and social- studies.
    • Students will read a wide variety of genres which include fiction and non fiction texts.
    • Students analyze texts in order to prompt higher level thinking.
    • Students incorporate writing, They will write in many different ways to give them college readiness skills. they will write opinion/argument, informative/explanitory and narrative. using a process of prewriting, editing and rewriting.
    • Students participate in a range of collaborative conversations and presentations to help and encourage them to respond to the ideas of others as well as adapt their speech to an audience.
    • Students learn to understand grammer, conventions, meaning and style of language.
    • Students will have both formative and summative assessments to ensure each child is learning to their full potential.

    In addition to Reading Street we will be doing plays, Reader's Theater, silent reading and read alouds and many other activities that promote reading for fun.

    My Math Program

    My math was specifically written for the Common Core Standards. Your child will work in the following domains:

    1. Operations and Algebraic thinking
    2. Number and operations in base ten.
    3. Measurement and data (length, time, money, graphing)
    4. Geometry
    • Students build real world story problems that reach across the curriculum and into their daily lives.
    • Students build reading comprehension skills while working on their math proficiency.