What is REACH?

    REACH is Amphitheater Public Schools' program for identified gifted students.  Following Arizona state law, students are identified as gifted learners if they score at the 97th percentile or above in at least one area of state-approved tests.  The areas tested are: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Non-verbal Reasoning.  Students identified as gifted receive REACH/gifted services as long as they remain enrolled in Amphitheater Public Schools.  

    For more information, go to our district page at REACH Gifted Services.

    Ms. Kasen's School Schedule:

    I work with Walker students each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in Room 23.  

    I work with Holaway students each week on Monday and Friday in Room 25.

    You can reach me at Walker at 696-6549 or Holaway at 696-6921.  The most effective way to reach me is via email - jkasen@amphi.com.