• The information contained on this page has been provided to CDO Staff for convenience and efficient processing. 

    Field Trips/Travel

    • Requisition(s) with:

      • Signed/approved Travel Request

      • (If club account: follow the club procedures below, in addition)

      • Each item must have a separate requisition (i.e. Meals, Lodging, Transportation, Substitute Pay….)

      • Please ensure that the budget codes are correct, otherwise they will be returned from district.

      • Information re: quotes, registration fees etc….

      • Attached Tax credit approval (if applicable)

      • P.O.s/Checks/Reservations can only be processed once the travel request is approved

    • Travel approvals:

      • In-city:  Principal Approval

      • Out of County:  District Approval

      • Out-of-State:  Governing Board Approval

    Clubs (Student Activities)

    Student Activities Policy and Procedure Manual

    New School Year forms needed for active clubs:

    Forming a new club forms needed:

    For every club activity (expenditure, fundraiser, etc.) the CDO bookstore needs the following:

    • Student Activities Requisition with:

      • Minutes approving expenditure

      • Member roster/signature page

      • Information re: quotes, registration fees etc…. (brochures, registration form etc…)

      • Quote paperwork (if applicable: see below)

    Employee Reimbursement

    • Only if the vendor does not accept purchase orders or checks or special circumstances (prior Administrator approval)

    • Purchase can only be made after the requisition is approved

    • Employment Reimbursement form must be signed and approved, then attached to the receipt and turned into the bookstore

    Auxiliary Expenditures

    • All auxiliary requests must be approved prior to turning in paperwork to the Bookstore

    • Expenditure Authorization Request with:

      • Information re: quotes, registration fees etc…. (brochures etc…)

      • Quote documentation (if applicable: see below)

    Purchase Orders

    • Attached to Requisition

      • The order must be placed after the P.O. has been issued to you and submitted to the vendor.

      • Purchase Order requests exceeding $1,000 are district P.O.s and need to have the following attached:

        • Quote information (3 or 5 written: e-mail is acceptable) from each potential vendor

        • The 5-quote is only necessary if two or more vendors “do not carry the item”


    • Receipts for expenditures must be turned into bookstore staff within 24 hours of purchase and after the requisition has been approved and purchase order number issued. 

    • Allow 10 days for processing

    • Checks are issued once per week

    Thank you! 

    Bookstore Staff 

    Rose Sverdrup   696-5706

    Karen Conelly    696-5705

    Leann Calvin      696-5704