• 7th & 8th Baseball:

    Expectations of players:

    • Be a great teammate & team player
    • Attitude & Work Ethic are so important
    • Understand that failure is part of the process
    • 10,000 repetitions to become proficient in a skill
    • Prepare Physically, Mentally & Emotionally
    • Communicate & Listen
    • Personally go to coach with concerns and questions
    • Be a student of the game
    • Be Responsible & Accountable for your actions
    • Be a role model
    • Be on time for all practices and games
    • Contact coach if you are going to be late or miss a practice/game
    • Show respect for coaches, players, officials, uniforms, facilities & equipment
    • Worry about yourself
    • Take care of yourself off the court
    • Be a leader
    • Get to know your teammates


    • Player must remain a 2.0 GPA
    • If player has a D or an F at any point in the season, the player will be required to do homework before practice.
    • Players will be allowed to miss 3 practices. If a player exceeds 3 absences, she will no longer be able to play in games
    • Failure to bring practice jersey and proper shoes to practice will constitute as a missed practice
    • If a player forgets either her uniform or proper shoes on game day, she will not be able to play

    My Expectations of Parents:

    • Provide positive reinforcement for your daughter and the entire team
    • No public negative comments about your daughter or any other member of the team
    • No coaching from the sidelines
    • No discussion of playing time