• Athletic/Sports Information


    Practices are held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 3:35 to 5:30.  

    • Students can ride the activity buses home after practice 
    • Students who do not ride the activity bus must be picked up by 5:30. 

    Game Days

    • Most games are held at 4:30pm.  Games can begin up to 15 minutes early.  Please see the calendar below for changes in times. 
    • Students must ride the school bus to and from away games.  If a student would like to leave an away game with a parent or friend, they must provide a Transportation Paper to their coach prior to game day.
    • Parents will be asked to sign their child out at the game and may be asked for ID.  

    Grade Trackers/Eligibility

    Grades are an important part of participating in after school athletics.  Student athletes are expected to keep a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average, have no quarter grades of a F, and no U's in citizenship/work habits.  Grades from the previous quarter will determine a students eligibility.  For example, a student with a F on their first quarter report card will make them ineligible for 4 weeks of seaons 2 sports.  Students who are ineligible to start a season, will not be able to participate in games or events until progress reports come out for that quarter.  If students do not meet the eligibility requirements at progress reports, they will be ineligible for the remainder of the season.

    Athletic Information

    In order to participate and attend practices for any sports program, please complete and submit an Athletics Registration Packet, available at the school.

    Where can I get a physical? - You will need to bring a completed sports packet (link above).  A parent must be present or students must have a release form filled out by their parent. Please get a copy from your coach or the athletic director.

    Transportation Consent Form - (This is required to leave any away game with a parent or friend.  Please turn this in to your coach prior to the away game.)