In addition to the district requirement that students follow the Amphitheater Public Schools Student Code of Conduct, La Cima promotes a positive middle school experience by encouraging proper behavior through the teaching of expectations.




    The staff and students of La Cima will practice Respect and Responsibility at all times. Developing Responsible Behavior is the primary concern of La Cima Middle School. This approach focuses on positive planning in order to develop more responsible behavior(s). The strategy of having students develop verbal and written behavior plans puts the responsibility and accountability for their behavior in their hands. Our expectations are that everyone will demonstrate respectful/ responsible behavior while on the campus of La Cima Middle School.


    The entire staff endorses PBS (Positive Behavior Supports). PBS focuses on learning how to behave using a positive support system. Our Cardinal Code of Conduct exemplifies PBS: We are Positive, Problem Solvers, Ready to Learn, Respectful and Safe!  We are La Cima!



    Responsible students demonstrate the following behaviors…    

    • follow school rules or codes of conduct.
    • accept the results of their actions.
    • solve problems themselves in addition to asking for help from others.
    • meet deadlines and due dates (even when absent).
    • help others in class when asked.
    • encourage cooperation and model good learning habits.
    • work independently.
    • learn from their mistakes as well as those of others.
    • independently set goals and monitor progress.
    • are polite, nice and respectful to adults and peers. 



    It is impossible to have enough expectations that address to every situation. We expect La Cima students to use good judgment and common sense during the decision-making process. Students should avoid any activity that would unnecessarily endanger themselves or others. Practicing Respect and Responsibility on a continual basis is everyone’s job. Any La Cima staff member has the authority and responsibility to address the behavior of any student. The administration and faculty have the responsibility to handle cases involving student conduct, regardless of when or where such actions take place. Classroom expectations have been developed by teams, individual teachers and their students. Responsible behavior should occur in Specific Areas that include but are not limited to the following: Fields, Office, Halls, Learning Areas, Restrooms, Buses, Cafeteria, and Special Events.