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      The PTO at Lulu Walker has a long tradition of excellence.  Through the years, parents, teachers, and staff have worked tirelessly to support the goals of Walker and foster a strong sense of community in our Walker family. What our PTO accomplishes is as diverse as the needs of our school.  Our PTO cheers on the hard work of teachers and staff, and enriches the education of students through programs, services, and events. Walker has been able to accomplish so much more because of the money raised through PTO fundraisers. 
    When parents get involved in their children's education, the children do better in school and the school as a whole becomes more successful.
    Our PTO builds the kind of school community where teachers and students can do their best work.

    PTO is fun!

    What is the role of PTO?
    • In connection with home & community, we promote and facilitate communication among students, parents, staff members and administrators.
    • Conduct fundraising activities and decide where to spend the funds.
    • Promote and carry out services & programs that contribute to the quality education of students here at Walker Elementary School.
     PTO REALLY wants you!
    Meeting Information:
    • 3rd Tuesday of the month
    • 2:30pm in the library
    • Babysitting and refreshments provided
    • New guests are more than welcome!

    Playground June 2016
    Our new playground equipment was paid for, in part, by the fundraising efforts of the PTO! 

    Book Fair Spring 2016
    PTO's Book Fairs put wonderful, inexpensive books into the hands of hundreds of children! 

    Fall Festival
    Our Fall Festival is AMAZING!

    Pie Night
    Pie Night is fun, yummy, and a great charity event! 

    Lego Night
    Legos and Lollipops Night is so much fun! 

    Movie Night  
    Movie Night is a great, easy get together.

    We have so many wonderful events!  Come join the fun!

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