•  My main form of communication this year will be through ClassTag. I will be checking ClassTag throughout the day so it will be the easiest way to contact me. Please download the app on your phone/tablet. I will send you an invitation to join our class using your phone number and/or email address. I will post important class and school information on the Class Story. We can also communicate privatly using the messaging section. Please keep notifications on to ensure you are recieving messages. 

    Please check ClassTag regularly for updates and scheduled work. 

     *If you have a new phone number or email address, be sure to contact me at sluciano@amphi.com or call me on my class line 520-696-6460 so I can send you a new invite to join ClassTag. 

     Assignments and Zoom meeting information will be posted in Google Classroom. I will also update my teacher page calendar with Zoom group meetings. Your child will be assigned a group letter to let them know which meetings to attend.