The Following Items are Required for 4th Graders:

  •  2" 3 Ring Binder with Plastic Insert Cover


    1 Pack of 8 Tab Dividers



    1 7" x 9 3/4 in Pencil Pouch



    1 Pack of 12 #2 Pencils (Ticonderoga preferred)


    5 2-pocket folders with Prongs



    1 pack of 5 Multi-Color Highlighters


     1 Pack of Wide Ruled Filler Paper


     1 Wide Ruled Composition Books


    5 Spiral Notebooks (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple)



    4 Dry Erase Markers



     4 packs (100 sheets each)  3" x  3" Post-its


    1 Pack White, Multi-Purpose Copy Paper 



  •   Binder


    Pencil Pouch


      2 pocket folder with prongs


     Filler paper

    Composition Book

    Spiral notebook

    Dry Erase Markers

    Post it

    White copy paper

Donations of the Following Items are Appreciated

  • Tissues

    White Copy Paper

    Hand Sanitizer


    Dry Erase Markers

    STEAM Materials: To promote the development of inquiry, curiosity, critical thinking, and problem solving, students will participate in Weekly STEM labs. Please consider donating the following items so we can have all the tools and materials we need to conduct our STEM Lab. Thank you!

    STEM Lab Wish List

    • Popsicle Sticks
    • Tooth Picks
    • Coffee Filters
    • Straws
    • String
    • Plastic Cups 
    • 2oz paper cups
    • Paper Towels
    • Masking Tape
    • Rubber Bands
    • Cotton Swaps (Q-Tips)
    • Garden Soil

    Some of the things you throw away everyday can be used in our STEM Lab. Donations of the following recycled items  are greatly appreciated:

    • Soda bottles
    • Toilet paper and paper towel rolls
    • Card Board Pieces (cereal Boxes)
    • Glass Jars