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    Assignment 1: Try drawing something in your house.  It can be a soda can, a vase with flowers, or your shoe!   Take your time, look at the outline of the object and draw that lightly first, make changes, erase until you are pretty happy with it. Now lightly draw the details, again erase and draw until you are happy with it. These steps could take an hour or more to do!  Next start adding some value. Value when talking about creating art is what people always call shading.  It is shading as well as the light areas and medium shades combined to show the detail.  Have fun, you can even work on one drawing for an hour or two, then come back to it if you get frustrated, but don't give up!  


    vase of flowers Light sketch Add value Value added creates a 3-D effect.

    Assignment #2  

    Recreate a famaous work of art. These are two famous works of art I recreated on my own. You pick one work of art you find that you like in my web links, and recreate it your way! Have fun, dress up or not. It does not have to be perfect just something very similar. Please include bibliography information about the work of art you choose. Next send me a pic of your choosen work of art, and your reproducton!  

    Artist: Edvard Munch, he was  Norwegian. " The Scream" Created in 1893. Oil, pastel, and crayon on cardboard. Location: National Gallery and Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway. 

    The scream my scream                                                                                                                                   grant wood me

     Artist: Grant Wood, American. " American Gothic" Created in 1930. Oil paint on board. Location: Art Institute of Chicago.