•  *Students... if possible, sign up for Remind on your phone: 

    Intermediate ELD Class: send a text to 81010 and text the message: @mskamed

    Pre-Emergent/Basic ELD Class: send a text to 81010 and text the message: @eldem



    Imagine Language and Literacy or Imagine Reading:  Go to imaginelearning.com.  Use your id#@student.amphi.com and your first name with a capital letter as your password.  THE SITE CODE IS: 040068001031.  Use it as often as you can.

    Scholastic Learn at Home is offered by our Scholastic Action magazines:  Go to Scholastic Learn at Home and scroll down to find grade levels 6+.  You do not need to log-in, only click on the articles, videos and other resources.  You can answer the questions orally or write them down and respond to the writing prompts as well.  You can enter your responses in Google Classroom.

    Daily Journaling: Go to our Google Classroom and enter a daily journal. Write about your daily experiences, hobbies, goals, etc.  Write about anything, just write!



    Please contact the front office (696-6730) if you DO NOT have consistent and reliable access to a device and/or the Internet. 


    ELD, or English Language Development, classes are required for students who have not yet scored proficient on the AZELLA, or Arizona English Language Learner Assessment.  This is a test which consists of four domains: reading, writing, speaking and listening for students whose native language is one other than English.  Students in ELD are required to take a 2-hour block class which consists of:

    50 Minutes: ELD Reading, Speaking, Listening and Vocabulary

    50 Minutes: ELD Writing and Grammar