• Welcome to Wilson and 7th Grade Language Arts!  This year will be a year of new beginnings, new friendships, and new learning.   Together we are going to have a fantastic 7th grade year!

    Course Description: 7th grade Language Arts is focused on reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking. We have wonderful textbooks: Prentice Hall Literature and Prentice Hall Writing Coach. These textbooks are aligned to the AZ Standards, and have the rigorous texts and lessons that the Arizona standards require. In addition to reading and writing using these texts, students will be doing outside of school reading in required genres with follow-up projects and parent book interviews, DOL (Daily Oral Language), and vocabulary.

    Course Supplies needed for your 7th grade Language Arts Class is located on "Supplies" tab.



    Class Expectations:

     Preparedness: Students are expected to come to class on time, bring their binder, and all assigned homework. Cell phones, iPods, and other electronic devices are not allowed in the classroom. Gum is not allowed on campus, thus is not allowed in my classroom.

    My expectations for student behavior can be summed up in the Cardinal Code:

    Be Positive

    Be Respectful

    Be Ready to Learn

    Be Safe

    Be a Problem Solver

    *Always demonstrate academic integrity (no plagiarism, cheating on tests, or copying work)

     Students will respect the teacher’s right to teach and the students’ right to learn.

    1. Students will listen and NOT talk when another person is speaking.
    2. Students will listen and follow instructions, directions, and procedures the first time they are given.
    3. Christian’s Golden Rule: NO PUTDOWNS!!!
    4. No Bullying!


    Helpful Hints & Reminders

    Mrs. Christian’s Grading and Homework Information:  WEEKLY HOMEWORK IS LOCATED ON THE "CALENDAR" TAB.

                Students are expected to turn in all assignments on time. Late homework must be turned in before each Friday and will receive 60% maximum grade.

                When a student is absent, they get the number of days to make up work that they were absent. However, on long term projects due dates are to be honored unless student is absent on the day assignment is due. The assignment is then due upon return. It is the responsibility of the students to find out what assignments were missed during an absence. There are several ways to do this:

    1. Write down all assignments from the assignment board for day(s) absent during first class period back in classroom.
    2. Call a study-buddy. (I encourage students to have the phone number &/or email address for at least two students in each class.)
    3. Ask Mrs. Christian for clarification of work, or handouts indicated from the assignments written down from the planner board. (This needs to be done before or after school, before class begins, or during lunch with an appointment, not when classes are in session. Asking, “Did I miss anything?” is not a responsible way of getting missing work.


    Please check agendas everyday. Students will have ALL of their homework in their agendas written out for the WHOLE week. If they are not at school on Monday the homework is on our white board for the whole week.  There should be no excuse why homework is not turned in on time except that the students was not there to give the homework.