This eighth grade social studies class will begin by studying fundamental ideas that have shaped our country and the foundational principles of the U.S. Constitution. Students will then review the Revolutionary War and study the Constitutional Convention of 1787.  Also, students will study current events, fundamental civic, political and economic ideas of our nation, all the while taking an in-depth look at the U.S. Constitution and how it works.



         The primary textbook for this class is The American Journey. We only have a classroom set of textbooks, so students will not be issued individual textbooks. However, a student may checkout a textbook to take home if necessary or access the digital textbook.

         School supplies that you will need to bring to class daily are:

             ~ Pencil and pen                                         ~ 1" binder (floppy or standard)   

             ~ Colored pencils and/or markers                 ~ A large 3-ring binder

             ~ Loose leaf paper case for supplies 



         I consider being on time to class a respectful and important habit. It is my job to begin teaching as soon as class begins. It is your job to be on time and prepared to learn. Students who come to class late will be serving lunch detention.




    ASSESSMENT  (Grading)  NOTE:  This assessment section does NOT apply for 1st Semester!

         Every student will begin with an A+ at the beginning of each quarter. At the end of each quarter it is possible for all my students to be assessed at the highest level and receive A’s. I do not grade on the curve.

         The concept behind my grading system is the idea of stewardship.  Stewardship is taking good care of things you have been put in charge of.  A student needs to take good care of the points they have been given.  If you take good care of them, you will be rewarded well, if you do not take care of your points, you will be rewarded poorly.

         Assignments will be given a point value (that corresponds to a standard letter grade), and points will be taken away for work that does not meet standards. The grading scale is as follows:

              A+   97-100 %                            B-     80-83                      D   64-66         

              A     94-96                                   C+    77-79                      D-  60-63

              A -   90-93                                   C 74-76                           F    59 and below

              B+   87-89                                   C-     70-73

              B     84-86                                   D+    67-69                                                   


    *Parents/Guardians can access their young person’s grade on-line. Grade print-outs will only be issued for parents/guardians with no on-line access.

    *Late work is not accepted unless prior arrangements have been made or you have been absent.                                  

    *Cheating is an automatic O% and the parent(s) will be contacted.

    *Homework: Homework, when given, is usually due in a week.

    *Papers without a student name will not receive credit.

    *Make-up work: If you have been absent please check the Assignment Folders on the wall for the graded work (both homework and in-class work) that you missed.  It is your responsibility to make-up all missing work, tests, and quizzes after being absent.

    *Extra Credit:  Students may read an historical fiction novel and write a 2 page summary for up to 75 points extra credit.  Students may complete one per quarter. 



         You are encouraged to use the 4-minute passing period responsibly by meeting your restroom/locker needs. Students will be issued 3 “toilet tickets” each quarter.  I also accept passes from other grade-level teachers.