•  Why Choose Walker?
    Lulu Walker Elementary School

    Lulu Walker Elementary School
    1750 West Roller Coaster Road
    Tucson, Arizona 85704

    Choose Walker because the teachers and staff are truly dedicated to each and every child.
    Choose Walker because our staff has tremendous experience and longevity at this site. 
    Choose Walker because we are committed to educational excellence.
    Choose Walker because we are the top science school in all of Southern Arizona.
    Choose Walker because our arts program is tremendous.
    Choose Walker because we are a leader in the Ben's Bells Be Kind program. 

    Summer Library Days

    Choose Walker because we are truly dedicated: How can I show a picture of our dedication to children? Well, one example is every Friday during the summer I meet with my former kindergartners at our local library.  Walker School is one big family and we dedicate ourselves to every child for life!

    Spring 2016 Jen, Gina, Monica, Lori, and Rene

    Gina Graham's dedication really paid off!  She invited us to help her write a grant to buy new technology for the kindergartners.  We spent hours and hours after school writing that grant and it was so worth it!  We were given almost $5000!

       2010-2016 K Team

    Choose Walker because we have experienceWalker teachers are a family and many of us have been teaching together for quite a long time now! When we get new teachers, we take them under our wings and expand our family.  After teaching other grade levels, I moved to Kindergaten in 1994, and Gina Graham discovered the magic of K in 2010. That's a lot of experience and teamwork right there, and we do pretty much everything together.

    50 Years of Excellence

    Choose Walker because we are dedicated to educational excellence:  In 2013, Mr. Michael McConnell led Lulu Walker Elementary School in celebrating 50 years of excellence. Mrs. Evelyn Carswell-Bing. Walker's first principal in 1963, demonstrated her lifetime commitment to educational excellence by joining us for our ceremony!  My kids and I are sitting on the risers waiting to lead the Kind Kid Pledge.  The kids did a great job of saying and signing that pledge!

      Jacob, Ricarda, and Devon Landis
    Our commitment to their educational excellence is a lifetime commitment! "Old" kids often come back to visit their Walker family. I've already written one letter of recommendation for this amazing family, I wonder how many more I'll get to do for them? 

    SARSEF Winner  SARSEF Trophies 2016
    Choose Walker because we are the #1 Science SchoolWhat's that?  We're the TOP SCIENCE SCHOOL in all of Southern Arizona? That's right!  We won even more trophies than this, but we couldn't manage to wrangle everyone together for the photo after the huge Southern Arizona ceremony at the Tucson Convention Center.  A big shout-out to Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Cordell for their leadership in science!  We love science!

    Merry 2008 The 2013 Grinch Performance
    Choose Walker because our arts program is amazing:  Our arts program has a wide variety of fantastic productions! Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Talent Show, Artist's Studio, 4th Grade Pit Fire, history shows, just to name a few!  My own daughter, Merry, was Cindy Lou Who in the 2008 Grinch show, and, in 2013, we did a teachers' production of The Grinch! We teachers had a blast and the students loved it! I do four shows a year with my kindergartners - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter, and Promotion.

    K kids singing and signing a kindess song  Mayor Rothschild
    Choose Walker because we are a kind schoolWe focus a lot on acts of kindness throughout the school day, at home, and in the community! The kindergartners sang ~and signed~ a song about kindness for one of our kindness rallies. Tucson's Mayor Rothschild came to Walker to congratulate us that day on our leadership in the hugely successful Tucson Be Kind Challenge.

     Be Kind tiles  
    This is our beautiful Be Kind mural that our staff installed,
    but it's the kindness in the words and actions of our children and staff that really stand out. 

     Ethan, GIlli, Alyssa, Seidra, Alex  
    In the end, of course, it's all about the kids and their joy of learning. 

    Walker's kind kids melt my heart!


    I Choose Walker! 

    I chose Walker way back in 1993, and I'm clearly here to stay.  I brought my two kids to Walker for elementary school, and then sent them on their way up through middle and high school in our Amphi School District. My kids come back to volunteer every now and again, and sometimes my husband volunteers, too.  I wonder if I'll still be here when I become a grandmother and my grandkids start coming to Walker?  I can wait.  I have time. 

    Walker is the best!