• Kindergarten Supply List

    Kindergarten Supply List for School
    Kindergarten Students need to bring a backpack to school every day.

    The backpack should be clearly labeled with your child's name on the part of the backpack that touches your child's back.
    The backpack should not have wheels.
    The backpack needs to be "student size" and not a little preschool one.  We have important papers to take home!

    That's it, Folks.  That's the only required supply - and we have some in the back closet to give away if you don't have one for your child.  :)

    That said, there are some things that each student will need to have:

    Please donate these things if possible:
    Plain, white, medium size t-shirt for your child - we make field trip shirts.
    An extra medium or larger, plain white t-shirt for another child would be awesome!
    A clear plastic shoebox from a dollar store, Big Lots, or wherever. An extra, of course, would be most welcome!

    Kindergarten Supply List for Home Now, for home, that's another story.  You'll need school supplies at home!

    Pencil Sharpener
    or glue stick
    and a
    basket or something to keep it in.

    Donations for our Classroom Would you like to donate some things to our whole class?  Great! Don't put your kiddo's name on it, because it'll be for the whole class.  Pick two or three things from the list below and send it to school sometime during August.  :) 

    • 2 boxes of tissues (or 1 box if you get the nice, soft tissues)
    • 1 package baby/hand wipes
    • 1 box of Zip Lock bags (pick a size, any size)
    • 1 ream of white copy paper (for the copy machine)
    • 1 ream of colored copy paper (because white gets boring)
    • 1 big box of goldfish crackers or other approved snack
    • 1 box of gallon ziplock type bags
    • 1 box of sandwich size ziplock type bags
    • 1 box of snack size ziplock type bags


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