• Ready to Come In

    Ready to come in and start the day!

    Patrick and Cindi  Deegan's family  Mikey's family  Jayden's family  Will's family  

     Brilliant Boys!

    Jordan  Taylor and Angie  Sofia's family  Payton's family  Zarin's family

    Glorious Girls!

    Raul turned 6!  His friend, Isaiah, helped him bake a cake!         Payton bday  

    Raul turned 6 and Isaiah, held the (toy) cake for him! Birthdays are pretty special in kindergarten! Payton loved turning 6!

    Buddy class 2015

    Buddy class is great!  This time we went to Mrs. VF's room to work with her computers.

    Lining up for Specialists  

    Lining up to go to Specialists. "Walk, whisper, don't touch" in the hallway!

    Music 2015-16

    Ready for music class with Mrs. Russell.

    Firefighter Visit

    We had some firefighters come in to teach us.  One is Taylor's dad!

    Skyler and her dad

    Skyler brought home her first library book and read it with her dad. 

    Pumpkin Patch 2015

    We went to the Marana Pumpkin Patch and had an awesome time!

    Halloween Costumes

    The kids loved dressing up in my huge collection of Halloween costumes.

     Thanksgiving 2015 morning

    This is the "Dress Rehersal" of our Thanksgiving Presentation.

    Thanksgiving 2015 afternoon

    This is the afternoon show - the kids wore different costumes for the afternoon show.  :)

      Taylor, Obi, and Sofia                 Patrick 2015  

    Taylor, Obi, and Sofia singing Feliz Navidad for our Winter Show and Patrick representing Greenland for Children Around the World.

    Christmas 2015  

    Our Childern Around the World Winter Presentation

    Teamwork  Learning games

    Lots of great teamwork during learning games time!

    Payton Sofia Dallas Taylor Jordan Zarin

    Payton, Sofia, Dallas, Taylor, Jordan, and Zarin made an AB pattern with their shirts! 

    Obi  Eva  

    Obi worked his magic with rubberbands and Eva checked her height.

    Science Project 2016

    We melted things in the sun and the shade in January (!) for our science fair project. 

    Science Fair Project 2016

    We discovered that things melt faster in the sun than in the shade because it is warmer in the sun. Our project went to the Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair and won 2nd place!Lulu Walker School is the Southern Arizona Science School of the year... AGAIN!

    Goofy glasses

    Kindergarten is serious business!

    Be Kind photo

    A class photo in front of our school's Be Kind mural.