Here are some photos from years past. 

    I'm such a sappy sentimentalist.

    Lucy and Justin  Anitra and Skyler  Riggs family  Jen and Jolie  Miguel and family

    Walker Families are the best!

     2013-14 Class
    Beginning of the year - they grow so much!


    Sophia, Hailey, and Ashlan showing their University of Arizona Wildcat spirit in 2014!

    Debra Ashlynn 2015  Brandon 2015  Elle 2015  Aly and Ashlan 2015

    Studying worms is GREAT when you're 5 and 6! 

     If it is to be

    Little words can mean very big things.

    August 2014

    Kindergarten is serious business!

    Viola Swamp  

    One Book Character Day, Miss Viola Swamp was the substitute teacher . ;)

    Book Character Day 2011

    We have a Book Character Costume Parade every February. That's Viola Swamp (me!) leading some characters from 2011 while Ms. Frizzle twirls on the basketball court - and where is Waldo? 


    Waiting to come in to class and more than ready to learn!  These kids aren't munchkins any more.  This photo is from 2002!

    Asia 2010

    Time for learning games when work is done. This beautiful girl is Asia in 2009.

    August 2008

    Kindergartners wear nametags and ride up front where the bus drivers keep a careful watch over them.  Jacob, Carson, and Evan were fast friends in 2008 - and still are today!


    Life is pretty cool when the principal lifts you up to the Big Kids' monkey bars!  Ty made all the way across - no problem!


    Oh, to be young again!


    This munchkin is doing some serious addition work.  She's counting on her fingers AND toes!  You gotta love kindergarten!

    Lewis 2009

    Jesse in 2009 - making an AB pattern early in the year.

    Halloween 2013

    The kids perform a show for Halloween.  Here's the 2013 kids with their Halloween Alphabet letters. "A is for Apples that hang from the strings."

    Dillon 2012

    Guess who had the job of Calendar Kid that week? This proud boy!

    Nico Tapia 2014 2010 Brandon and Dylan

    We pair the kids up with Big Kid buddies and they are Big Heroes to us!

    Layla 2009

    In the computer lab - this is what computers used to look like back in 2009!   Computers have changed, but the smiles have not. 


    Put down that camera and read to us!

    Santa 2014

    Santa finds us every year!

    Ashlan Julian Nilaiyah Makayla Elle Valentino

    The dress up boards are from the 60s but the kids were from 2014-15.  They love these old things!


    We go to the Pumpkin Patch every October.


    We go to the Reid Park Zoo every May.


    Liam and Gabby

    Did I mention that kindergarten is AWESOME?  This is Liam and Gabby in 2009

    Celina 2015 Nilaiyah 2015 Sophia 2014-15  

    Reading and writing up a storm!

    May 2014

    Learning important stuff - how to play the Giggle Game.  I dare you not to laugh!

    Nick, Joaquin, and Jayden Za and Jayden 2015  Nilaiyah 2015

    These kids loved making their rodeo horses almost as much as riding them!

    Renee 2006 Brooke 2006 Mark 2006

    Renee, Brooke, and Mark loved planting seeds in 2006. This was actually a science experiment where the kids compared how fast their lima beans would grow when they were soaked in water first, nicked first, or just grown regularly. 


    It was a hot August day, but that spiderweb called to them!  

    Ashlan 2014  Tyler B 2011  

    "Look at us swing, Mrs. Powers!"

    Liana 2011

    Time for a snack!


    Friends forever!

    Caleb and Peja 2011

    And they touch your heart forever, too.

    2011 Last Day

    Fun in the sandbox - wearing our field trip shirts and some fancy sunglasses!

    2014-2015 Promotion

    The 2015 kindergarten promotion ceremony - up on stage and so excited!

    Recently promoted 2015

    Some recently promoted and beautiful young ladies. May 2015


    Over the summer, "old kids" and their families join me every Friday at Nanini Library.
    The "old kids" get older, but no less fun!