• Evelyn Carswell 1st Principal

    Walker Elementary School Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence
    with a speech by our very first principal, Ms. Evelyn Carswell-Bing, 
    plus songs, games, food, and fun! 

    In 1963, Lulu Walker Elementary School opened its doors under the leadership of its first principal, Evelyn Carswell.  The school’s design was new and innovative.  Large classrooms, called learning centers, held three or four groups of children doing different things.  Educators from all over the world visited during the first year to see what advanced team teaching and this new school was all about. The world was watching Walker!

    Ms. Evelyn Carswell-Bing (pictured above) was the honored guest at Walker's Fall Festival on October 25, 2013. Among the other guests were members of the Amphitheater School Board, Superintendent Patrick Nelson, administrators, and alumni. Former principals, Marynell Schlegel and Roseanne Lopez, were also honored.

    We are proud to have a Walker community that values a learning environment that honors creativity, different learning and teaching styles, and respect for diversity.

    50 Years of Excellence


    Students in Mr. Kostin’s second grade class wrote and recorded a song about Walker traditions: Being kind and never giving up. 
    Mr. Kostin's 2nd Grade 2013


    Some of the students from Mrs. Powers' kindergarten class were able to attend the event. 
    These brave little ones climbed up on the risers to say and sign the Kind Kid Pledge.
     There's a video of them below the picture.
    Kind Kids wating their turn