~~~Mrs. Jennifer Powers~~~

    Hey, Kiddos! Come read a little bit about me!

    Jen in K

    This is me in kindergarten.
    I had a great teacher!
    I loved school!

    Well, first I was born but that was a long time ago - I almost can't remember! My mom (the world's greatest mom!) says I was born in 1965 and that I was a very good baby and only pulled all the toilet paper off the roll about a hundred times. We lived in Stockton, California for awhile and then we moved to Western Springs, Illinois. My big brother's name is Scott. He used to pick on me a bit but now he is very nice. He's a sargeant in the Montana Highway Patrol.
    Jen college Jen Jen Jen Jen

    Jennifer Bennett Powers
    I got older.
    It happens to everyone.

    In 1983, I headed to the University of Arizona - my parents used to go to school there plus I like hot weather. Tucson is great! I worked at the Tucson Racquet Club and at Friendly Pines Camp in Prescott. While I was in college I figured out that grown-ups are fine and dandy but kids are ever so much more fun! That's when I decided to become a teacher. I really love working with kids - they're a lot of fun!
    Po and Jen old

    That's my husband,
    Mr. Powers, and me.
    He worked at the UofA.

    Over the years, I was able to work at lots of different schools and I liked all of them. I bet you can guess which school is my favorite! Walker! My first teaching job was in kindergarten at Harrelson in 1989, then I taught 3rd grade at  Rio Vista, then 2nd grade at Keeling, and then 2nd Grade at Walker. That's when I decided that what I really wanted to be was a kindergarten teacher. That was in 1994 - the same year I got married to Mr. Powers!
    Family 2011Grad Family

    This is my family in 2015.
    Nick was Class Speaker at his CDO graduation

    Now I have my very own family. My son, Nick, was born in 1996. He is funny, nice, smart, and quite handsome... if I do say so myself! He likes science, reading, and sports. He is going to the University of Arizona. Merry was born in 2001 and she is funny, nice, smart, and beautiful... don't you agree?! She likes animals, reading, and playing piano. Merry is going to CDO.  Mr. Powers retired from the University of Arizona so he is a Wildcat. I have a wonderful family and a wonderful job. I'm pretty lucky, aren't I?!
    Po baby
     This is a baby picture of Mr. Powers from 1952.

     Jen baby  

    This is a baby picture of Mrs. Powers from 1965.

    Nick baby  
     This is a baby picture of Nick Powers from 1996.
    Merry baby
     This is a baby picture of Merry Powers from 2001.
    Po 2016
     My husband, Mr. Powers, happily retired and busier than ever!


     This is me!
    Nick and Nana 2015
     Nick attended Walker, graduated from CDO (that's my mom with him), and goes to the U of A.
    Merry 2015
     My daughter, Merry, also went to Walker and is now at CDO High School.