• Photos from Around the Room

    The rug
    Our rug.  :)  Do you see our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree?

    The computers We have a few computers, but we also go to a big computer lab once a week.

    Looking East 2014 Looking east.  We have a great SmartBoard!

    Looking West 2014 Looking west.  Upstairs is the reading loft.

    La Casita 2014
    Under the loft is La Casita.

    Learning Games 2014
    Kindergarten has lots of learning games!

    Science Spot
    I took this picture when we were learning about the human body. 
    We have lots of different science topics to explore that go with what we'll be studying.
    Plus we'll do a class science fair project - and some of the kids will do their own!

    Writing Place
    The kids love going to the writing area to create books, cards, letters, and crafts for their friends and family.

    Quiet Corner
    Sometimes you just want a Quiet Corner to cool off or to read. 
    The world looks a little calmer from behind a curtain
    - especially if you have a bear to hold and soft fabrics to touch.