•   The Day to Day Things

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    Class Pets

    We love having a few pets in our classroom. ☺ We have a tank filled with fish (and tiny sharks!) that the kids love to feed and watch. We also have hermit crabs, frogs, and whatever else comes our way!  I teach pet care and responsibility... and once in awhile I have an opportunity to teach about the circle of life.  We also spend some time studying them as part of our science curriculum.

    Donations and Supplies

    Supplies are provided by the school and we only require that your child bring a backpack (every day) and wear a nametag for the first weeks. Throughout the year I'll ask (occasionally beg!) for specific donations. I'll ask for snacks fairly regularly. Please don't buy anything pricey. Cereal-in-a-bag goes a long way and the kids love it. Mostly I use my snack money to make purchases (manipulatives, crafts, special paper, etc) but I rarely have enough and holidays get particularly expensive. Please don't feel you have to donate and if you do take the time, effort, and hard earned money to donate to our room, please know that I am sincerely grateful!

     Mr. Lee


    Any time! Drop in unannounced or set up a regular day. You'll need to sign in at the office and pick up a name badge. I LOVE volunteers! Help at home is also great if you have extra time but can't make it into class.

    Antonio, Mikayla, kiddo, and me

    Book Fairs

    A wonderfully inexpensive way to add to your home library! Please look for the flyers! We have two great Book Fairs at school every year.

    Pumpkin Patch 2015  

    Field Trips

    Yes, great idea! Oh... you want to know more? Well, we haven't ironed out the details or set all our dates. We usually go to a pumpkin patch in October and the zoo at the end of the school year. With a little luck I'll give you plenty of warning so that you can join us if you wish. Tax donations (if we get any!) are used to help pay for field trips, too so if you are interested in this, please let the office know.


    You are your child's primary educator and it is my job to assist you in that lifelong journey. You've spent 5 years teaching your child already and I don't take all that loving work for granted! I only have 178 days with your child (and I know I'll have trouble saying goodbye in May!). I will devote myself to this group of children and try to instill a love of school and a love of learning while teaching each one to read, write, add, subtract and million other wonderful things. I became a teacher because I love children and I love teaching. I hope to keep in close contact with you throughout the school year and beyond!



    Toys from home are not allowed at school for a number of reasons including loss, damage, and distraction from learning. Trading cards are also not allowed. We have our own learning games at school for the children to enjoy when they are done with their work.

    Lilly's Show and Tell

    Show and Tell

    OK, well, this is the exception to the toy rule. Once we start our Letter of the Week routine (after we do our beginning of the year letter a day program), children may bring in something that starts with that letter. During C week (our first letter of the week) I expect to see lots of clowns, cats, cars, castles - you get the idea! Once Show-and-Tell starts, we'll have it every day - which means your child can bring in something every day! After C week we'll do the letters in the following order: O G A D S L I T F E H U B R N M P V W K-Q J X-Y Z Sh Ch and Th. Letter order is based on the way the letter is drawn and the frequency of the letter in written material. Show and Tell is voluntary but I encourage the children to bring in items because it builds confidence in speaking in front of other people. As your child gets older, s/he will have to do a variety presentations in front of other students. This is a nice, gentle way of introducing public speaking. No breakable or valuable items should be brought and, remember, it needs to start with the letter of the week!


    Personal Possessions

    Your child's backpack (which is to be brought every day) should have his or her name printed on it in permanent ink. For additional safety, please print your child's first and last name on the part of the backpack that touches your child's back.  All lunch bags, sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets should also be clearly labeled. Lost and found is in the cafeteria and any unclaimed and unlabeled items are donated to the clothing bank. Personal pencils, gluesticks, and other school supplies are to be left at home. Students use classroom supplies to avoid "ownership" problems.


    Food and Medical Issues

     Based on the information you provide on the school's emergency card, I am given a list of students with allergies and medical restrictions. The list, however, takes time to be compiled so PLEASE let me know about any and all medical concerns right away!

    ✩ Be sure that your child's emergency card is kept up to date. Thanks! ✩


     For safety we give the children nametags to wear every day for the first few weeks of school. Please put it on your child each morning before school and clip it to your child's backpack at the end of the day. Your child should be wearing it as he or she steps onto the bus to come to school or steps onto the school grounds. If you need to make a change in your child's dismissal routine, please write me a note and put it in the front of the nametag.
    If you think your child might forget to give me something that is in his or her backpack, just put a note in the front of the nametag pocket (or write on a piece of masking tape attached to the shirt) to let me know to ask for it. Your child is to wear the nametag every day until I collect them after just after two weeks of school. They cost almost a dollar apiece (!!) so if your child loses it, please send $1.00 so I can replace it. Thanks!