• Parent Participation

    I love volunteers

    Come on in! Any day, any time!

    I love having an extra smile in the room!

    ~~~ Parent ~~~

    ~~~ Participation ~~~

    Mr. Lee is AWESOME

    This is Lee Gardner, aka "Mr. Lee", who will go down in history as being one of the most awesome volunteers EVER! He tutors kids, he tests kids, he works with small groups, he helps in the computer lab every week, he does science projects with us, he glues hobby horses, he gets down on the floor and plays with the kids.  This man makes a difference in the lives of children!


    A Few Things You Can Do

    Volunteer your time by:
    Helping in the classroom - read with a child, help a small group, prepare art materials, etc.
    Helping on field trips - we'll need lots of parents for the pumpkin patch and for the zoo!
    Working at home helping to prepare materials (cutting, stapling, typing)
    Sending in healthy snacks - no nuts, please!
    Helping with class events
    Coming to PTO meetings

    Enrich your child's experiences - Go on educational family excursions!
    Tucson Children's Museum
    Reid Park Zoo
    Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum
    Colossal Cave
    Flandrau Planetarium
    Tohono Chul Park
    Mount Lemmon
    Catalina State Park
    Nanini Public Library
    Any library!
    Special events in town
    Any Tucson and nearby museums!

     Some Things to Contribute

    Snacks - treats that meet the state nutrition guidelines and do not contain nuts
    Books - any books but particularly ones from Book Fair Wish List and from Book Orders
    Educational Games - fun things for the kids to learn from while they play
    Computer - just one good enough to let us play educational games on it!
    Paper - we can always use brightly colored "Xerox" paper
    Giftcards - teacher stores, pet stores, any store
    Tax Credit donation - call or stop by the office for details
    Items from Wish List Tree in the classroom - come on in and see what we need

     Fruit Kabob


    Students may bring individual snacks to eat at recess - or buy a (donated) snack for a quarter. 

    Donations of snacks are GREATLY appreciated!  I usually ask volunteers to bag the snacks into snack baggies and then I sell the baggies for a quarter during morning and afternoon recesses.  (I use those quarters to buy supplies for the classroom.)  Most parents donate a box of Goldfish, bags of cereal, graham crackers, or pretzels.  You can also use the list below for ideas.  I very much appreciate your donations!  Remember, NO nuts due to allergies. 

    The federal nutrition guidelines allow for these snacks to be distributed at public schools:

    American Fare - pretzel sticks
    Barrel O'Fun - popcorn
    Breyers - pure fruit bars
    Crunchmaster - rice crackers
    David - pumpkin seeds
    Doritos - baked tortilla chips
    Dreyer's - fruit bars with real fruit- NO sugar added
    Famous Amos - gingersnaps
    General Mills - Cheerios
    General Mills - Cheerios-fruity
    General Mills - Cheerios-honey nut
    General Mills - Cheerios-yogurt burst
    General Mills - Kix
    General Mills - Chex Mix-traditional
    Great Value - vanilla wafers
    Keebler - graham crackers-cinnamon
    Kellogg's - Froot Loops-1/3 Less sugar
    Kellogg's - Frosted Flakes-1/3 Less sugar
    Kellogg's - Frosted Mini Wheats-maple & brown sugar
    Kellogg's - Frosted Mini Wheats-strawberry delight
    Kellogg's - Frosted Mini Wheats-vanilla creme
    Lay's - baked chips
    Lay's - baked chips-BBQ
    Lay's - baked chips-cheddar & sour cream
    Malt O Meal- Cinnamon Toasters
    Nabisco - honey made graham crackers
    Nabisco - Wheat Thins-reduced fat
    Nabisco - Teddy Grahams-chocolate chip
    Nabisco - Teddy Grahams-cinnamon
    Pepperidge Farms - Goldfish-whole grain baked crackers
    Post - Honey Comb
    Post - Shredded Wheat-spoon size
    Post - Fruity Pebbles
    Quaker - baked cheddar snack mix
    Quaker - chewy 90 calorie-baked apple granola bars
    Raisin Bran
    Safeway - pretzel twists
    Stauffer's - animal crackers
    Tostitos - Baked Scoops
    Triscuit - baked whole grain wheat crackers
    Wortz - wheat crackers

    Applesauce cups
    Dill pickles
    Gogurts or Yogurts
    Hard boiled eggs
    Olives-green or black
    Oyster crackers
    String cheese

    *Fresh fruit or vegetables are always good.
    *Most brands are similar if you look for low sugar content, baked and whole wheat.
    *All juices MUST be 100% fruit juice.

    EXCEPTION: For birthday or celebration type goodies, nutrition guidelines DO NOT need to apply, however all items MUST: be store bought, in the original UNopened package , and with all nutrition labels intact. I do ask that you let me know in advance if you are planning on bringing in something to share so that I can plan accordingly and let you know the best time. Thank you!

    NO PEANUT PRODUCTS PLEASE to avoid any allergy problems with our classmates.

    Thank you kids