2021-2022  6th Grade Supply List:           

    * For the success of all students at Wilson, a school planner will be provided, free of charge, on the first day of school.  A replacement planner will cost $5.00.

    Keep these for yourself:

    • One large zippered binder (for all classes) OR THREE 2 inch binder (One for each teacher)
    • One pack dividers w/pockets (for binder)
    • One pencil box/zipper pencil bag containing items you like to use regularly in class (pencils, a red pen for grading, blue or black pen for final draft, pencil sharpener, eraser, scissors, highlighter, colored pencils etc.)
    • A working flash drive for school projects
    • Ear buds or head phones for weekly computer use

     Donate to class:

    • One 12 pack #2 pencils
    • Two packs low odor dry erase markers (must be low odor!)
    • One box markers and /or colored pencils
    • Two boxes of tissues
    • One roll paper towels
    • Two packs of lined paper
    • Three composition notebooks – college rule (100 sheets)
    • One ream of copy paper
    • One package of disinfected wipes or hand sanitizer
    • One roll masking or scotch tape
    • 5 glue sticks