Becoming a Volunteer

  • We want to thank you in advance for your interest in volunteering with Amphitheater Public Schools. The teachers, students and staff greatly appreciate the time you are willing to share through your volunteer work here. You will add greatly to the educational experience of our students.

    Some of the Ways You Can Help ...

    * Assist in the Library Media Center 
    * Chaperone field trips, dances, etc.
    * Help children by reviewing skills, concepts taught (vocabulary flash card drill, review mathematic facts, letter formation/handwriting skills)
    * Assist teachers in preparation of bulletin boards and/or duplicating instructional materials for classroom use
    * Teach a craft or hobby, talk about your occupation, share cultural and ethnic background and experiences
    * Help with clerical needs in the school office
    * Assemble packets
    * Assist in the computer lab
    * Assist in the lunchroom and/or on the playground
    * Complete projects at home for school use

    To volunteer:

    Select a school site or program.

    1. Determine the volunteer opportunity(s) you are interested in.
    2. Complete a Volunteer Information Form:
    3. Contact the main line (520) 696-5102 for assistance with fingerprinting.
    4. Bring with you:
      • Completed Volunteer Information Form
      • Driver's license or other picture identification
      • A desire to help Amphitheater students
    5. Placement process: Approximately three to four weeks from fingerprinting you will be contacted to set up a start date.

    Note: Parents/guardians may contact the school directly to volunteer.