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Garrett Novinski

Hello Wranglers! 

During this time of uncertainty my goal as your PE teacher is to have you all get active for at least 30-60 minutes each day!


Skill of the day: Work on these skills with objects from around your house

Monday- Rolling  

Tuesday- Dribbling  

Wednesday- Skipping

Thursday- Jumping

Friday- Leaping



I would like you all to keep an activity log that helps you keep track of the activities/exercises you have done.  In this log I would like you to keep track of the following:

-Date of the activity

-What was the activity?

-Where did you do the activity?

-How long did you do the activity for?

-Who did you do the activity with?


Activity ABC's- Use the movements to spell out your name, or write a short sentance! You can video your movements and send to Wilson K-8  PTO, or email to Mr. Novinski!

Activity bingo card- Print and play with friends (from a distance) or family members!

Stay safe, active and healthy!

Mr. Novinski