• Welcome to Odyssey of the Mind!

    This class we will be working in groups to solve Long-Term Problems and Spontaneous problems over the year. Group work is a must. Each group will be from 5-7 members. There are 5 categories that the groups will have to choose from for their problem. At competition groups will earn points 3 ways in two separate competitions: 


    • Long-Term Problem (200 points):


    • Specific Rules for each problem (5 LT problems to choose from)
    •  Open-Ended solutions
    •  Solution Presented in Skit Form (8-min)


    • Spontaneous Problem (100 points):


    • On the Spot problem solving
    •  Anything Goes
    •  3 Types-Verbal, Hands on and Combo/Hybrid


    • Style (50 points):


    • Elaboration of LT problem
    •  Pizzazz, Sparkle, Polish during skit
    •  Team Chosen Elements from skit 

    It is mandatory for the group to participate in the regional competition usually in February or March. Exact date TBA. 

    Class points/grades earned 3 ways:   


    • Weekly Goals/Assessment:


    • Attending class and group work
    • In class activities and working on LT problems


    • Class Participation:


      • Class participation weekly grade
      • Brainstorming to solve LT problems
      • Spontaneous problem activities
      • Keeping work area clean and safe


    • 2 Saturday workshops at CDO (One in October and one in January) and the Tournament competition end of February. Exact dates TBA.
    • Progress on Long-Term Goal:


    • Choosing a group and problem
    • Writing a script as a team to solve problem chosen
    • Designing costumes and props. 
    • Practicing Skit

    Additional each group must have a parent as a coach. As much as I will facilitate or be the coach in class. I am not allowed to be 3 or 4 groups coaches. At the tournament, each group will need a parent/coach to keep them on track for the tournament. I will need a coach to assist with any outside gathering of materials, extra practice sessions and most importantly Drive the group to the tournament (WITH ALL PROPS) and assist them at the tournament. I can’t help 3-5 groups at one time. I will need lots of assistance on this day. Think of yourself of like the class mom or dad. 

    This is a student led program. Which means students can’t have any outside help!!! Guidance only!

    Just a reminder that since it is a tournament like a sport each member of the group MUST always have good grades so they can participate.  


    I am looking forward to a fantastic year!! If you have any questions or concerns, please email, or call me!


    Mrs. Howland

    phowland@amphi.com or 520-696-5893