• The following are a few general "things to know" for Algebra 1 and Geometry.

    1.  Materials

    2.  ALEKS

    3.  Calculators

    4.  High School Credit

    5.  Grades

    6.  Syllabus


    1. Materials

    Algebra 1/Geometry:  Both courses use Glencoe McGraw/Hill book.  Students can access the book online via their Google account.  In Apps click on the McGraw/Hill icon and you can find the book.  If any student wants a hardback copy of the book please just let me know and we can make that happen.

    2. ALEKS

    ALEKS is an online supplement to each of the math courses.  ALEKS can be found in Google Apps and clicking on McGraw/Hill icon.  For what it is worth, I have not been a huge fan of previous online supplements but I really do like the ALEKS program. In my opinion, the main bonus of using ALEKS is that it continually takes the kids back to previously learned material allowing for students to truly master the subject. Of course, it also takes kids into material they have yet to be taught in class which is also a very powerful learning technique.  Yeah, ALEKS!

    3. Calculators.

    A basic calculator (phone) with sin, cos, and tangent features will be enough calculator to get the job done.  Algebra and Geometry students will use a graphing calculator (TI-84) but I have a full classroom set to go around.  We typically do all we need to do with the graphing calculators in class.  If you want to buy a graphing calculator now, go for it, or you can wait until students get into Algebra 2.

    4. High School Credit.

    Students taking Algebra 1/Geometry will earn a high school credit (1/2 a credit 1st semester and 1/2 credit 2nd semester). The main thing to know is that our students will earn the credit but NOT the GPA. Meaning, when our students look at their high school transcripts it will show they passed Algebra/Geometry with the credit but there will not be a grade associated with the class.

    5. Grades.

    Breakdown of how grades will be calculated: Exams 40%, Classwork 10%, ALEKS 15%, Quizzes 15%, and Final Exam 20%.