• How to Access Google APPS?laptop teaching


    1. From your desktop/laptops go to whichever internet browser you use (Chrome works best)

    2. If you are not already on google when you open up your browser type www.google.com in your search bar or URL

    3. Sign into your Google account in the top right of the screen if you haven’t already (300.....@student.amphi.com    password: Name with capital).

    4. Also at the top right of the screen by where you sign in you should see a 9 square waffle icon. Click on the waffle and a list of frequently used apps will appear. 

    5. Click on Drive, then the 9 dots again, find IReady (Reading)   or   McGraw-Hill (Everyday Math)   





    How Students Log in to DreamBox on a Computer


    Steps for students to log in to DreamBox through a browser on a computer (not an iPad)
    Before a student can begin learning with DreamBox, they need to log into their account.

    A one-time Google Chrome Bookmark Bar set-up is necessary to access your digital curriculum on each device. Open Google Chrome

    1. Click on the 9 dots or the orange exclamation in the upper right corner.
    2. Click on drive
    3. Click “SIGN IN TO CHROME”
    4. Use the Google Account (Student ID@student.amphi.com) to sign in then type the personalized password.
    5. Click “Link Data”      (If asked)
    6. Click “Okay Got It”   (If asked)
    7. If it doesn't show up...click on the google sign in circle (top right) and turn on sync.

    With a successful set-up, you will find a folder/icon in the upper left with the name of the school your child attends. (WILSON)